Multiple Offers on your Home?

If you’re trying to make paying for those seller costs much more digestible, pricing is the key. Your listing broker should help instill confidence in the strategy of dealing with a multiple offer scenario. It has a couple of perks because most sellers would like to know sooner than later. This strategy can surely fast-track the offer process by eliminating 2 or 3 counter offers, which could take 24-48 hours for each one, making it a week long endeavor to come to terms. The really big payoff, is that it encourages two or more buyers to make higher (and better) offers, some times resulting in a better than list price offer. Having realistic expectations as to what your property will sell for is the key here. Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate | Silver City has been a market leader in the greater Silver City area and can help make your home selling less stressful. Call for a free evaluation of your home. (575) 538-0404

Maximizing the number of Showings

When listing your home, make sure you have a plan to optimize the number of showings. At Better Homes and Gardens, we have a strategic plan and team in place to optimize the greatest number of showings. Every delay is a lost opportunity, be ready to accommodate last minute showing requests. Home inventory is at an all time low, which tends to drive the market prices up. Now just might be your time. Speak with any of our our 8 real estate professionals. (575) 538-0404.

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